About the Author

Shane St Reynolds is an Australian entrepreneur, author, and lecturer specializing in finance and property investment. With over 20 years of experience, he is a seasoned financial expert and a licensed Real Estate Agent. Shane has pursued education at prestigious institutions in Australia and the UK, including the renowned University of Oxford. Apart from his business pursuits, he is a retired pastor and a sought-after motivational speaker and business coach. Notably, he is the innovator behind the patent “Shower Manifestations” a product focused on Law of Attraction Affirmations.

Shane has authored progressive books on Christian theology and developed courses in finance, showcasing his dedication to both spiritual and financial education.  He is enthusiastic about assisting individuals in discovering their purpose, promoting financial literacy, and fostering investments in startups and venture capital through his extensive network. Anticipated for release in mid-2024, his upcoming book, “Millionaire Mindset” is highly anticipated.